-Bacstain- CTC Rapid Staining Kit (for Microscopy) [100 assays]

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Part of the Bacstain series for monitoring live bacterial cells by fluorescence. In order to count bacterial cells, colony formation using an agar plate is a very common and reliable method. However, it takes quite a long time to incubate. Therefore, alternative detection methods have to developed. Bacteria-specific gene amplification methods such as PCR, LAMP, and nuclear staining are quite rapid, but these methods count dead bacteria as well. Therefore, detection of live cell functions is essential to determining the actual number of living bacteria in a sample. Tetrazolium salts can be used to detect respiratory activity of bactrial cells or mitochonria. CTC is a tetrazolium salt and is reduced by this respiratory activity to form fluorescent CTC formazan on the cell surface. Therefore, CTC is used for specific staining of aerobic live bacteria and can be applied to hard to culture bacteria (VBNC: viable but non-culturable). CTC forms a fluorescent formazan by an electron transer system. However, CTC alone is not sensitive enough to stain single cells. Therefore, CTC-Rapid Staining Kit contains an enhancing reagent which improves the CTC staining effiency. Compared with CTC only staining, this stainng kit enables rapid and sensitive staining of microrganisms. Maximum wavelegthts of the CTC formazan dye are 450nm and 480nm for excitation and 630nm for emmision.
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Additional Information
Product Code BS02-10
Pack Size 100 assays
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Cas # No
Storage Conditions -
Sterile N/A
Manufacturer Dojindo
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