Cell Counting Kit-8 [500 assays]

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Product Description

Colourimetric Assay for Cell Viability & Cytotoxicity

• 3 Simple Steps (No Thawing Necessary)
• Stable One Bottle Solution : 1 year at 5oC
• More Sensitive than MTT, MTS, or WST-1
• No Toxicity to Cell

Cell Counting Kit-8 (CCK-8) allows sensitive colorimetric assays for the determination of cell viability in cell proliferation and cytotoxicity assays. Dojindo’s highly water-soluble tetrazolium salt, WST-8, is reduced by dehydrogenase activities in cells to give an orange-color formazan dye, which is soluble in the tissue culture media. The amount of the formazan dye, generated by the activities of dehydrogenases in cells, is directly proportional to the number of living cells. The detection sensitivity of CCK-8 is higher than the other tetrazolium salts such as MTT, XTT, MTS or WST-1.

Cell viability detection mechanism with CCK-8

Cell Counting Kit-8 requires 3 simple steps.

CCK-8 (WST-8) is the highest sensitive dye for the cell based assay.

Cytotoxicity of Reagents
Only in CCK-8, continuous culture is possible without killing cells.

References & Publications

Counting cell number in situ by quantification of dimethyl sulphide in culture headspace - Link to paper

MHC class I dimer formation by alteration of the cellular redox environment and induction of apoptosis - Link to paper
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Additional Information
Product Code CK04-10
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