BesTaq DNA Polymerase [1000 U]

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Product Description
Bestaq DNA polymerase is a newly engineered polymerase with superior fidelity and robustness. Bestaq’s unique, single-enzyme structure results in enhanced processivity, yield, speed, amplification length and tolerates even the most difficult of templates. This enzyme is the ideal choice for any PCR application and is the perfect choice for cloning difficult, both AT- and GC-rich, or long amplicons. With one of the highest fidelities available on the market, over 50X better than Taq DNA polymerase, Bestaq DNA polymerase will consolidate all PCR protocols and reactions into one efficient system. This thermostable enzyme generates blunt-end products with 5’-3’ polymerase activity and 3’-5’ proofreading exonuclease activity.

Bestaq DNA polymerase has many advantages over Taq DNA polymerase. Bestaq exhibits robust performances for amplification of long and difficult templates (15kb from genomic DNA). In addition, it has exceptionally high fidelity (a 50X improvement compared to Taq DNA polymerase) and can also amplify at high speeds, decreasing lengthy extension times. Finally, it has high sensitivity and yield, reducing the amount of enzyme consumed in a reaction. Bestaq DNA polymerase is an excellent all-purpose polymerase for all your needs, from routine PCR to difficult cloning.
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Additional Information
Product Code G457
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