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NBS is part of Bio Basic Inc, and we are able to offer the full range of Bio Basic custom sequencing services in the UK. Bio Basic are one of the largest professional gene manufacturers in the world. For over 15 years they have, as a silent OEM, synthesised millions of base pairs of genes for researchers worldwide.

We are now delighted to offer Bio Basic’s renowned Gene Synthesis services directly under its own name. Benefiting from its oligo houses and DNA sequencing facilities, we offer Gene Synthesis at the most affordable rates in the industry.

Bio Basic offers a variety of gene services to fit the needs of any lab. From large scale projects to small custom projects, we can assist you in selecting the service which would offer you the greatest benefit.

To request a quotation or for placing orders, please download our order form (preferred) and email it to Alternatively, you can email us your sequence directly (including desired restriction sites, etc.). We will get back to you within 1 business day.

Our Gene Synthesis Process


Oligonucleotide synthesis

Multiple long oligos (~50-60 bases in length) with similar melting temperature (Tm) are chemically synthesized as fragments based on the desired final gene sequence. Oligos are designed to assemble with each other through overlapping sequences.


Gene assembly

Using PCR, the oligo fragments are assembled into blocks of up to 1kb of double stranded DNA. These blocks are then assembled and amplified once again using PCR to create one large double stranded DNA construct.



The synthesized DNA is inserted into a specific vector. The vector is then isolated and amplified. Unless otherwise specified, the default vector used is the pUC57-Amp vector.
Click here to view our vector list.


Selecting colonies

Colonies are grown and appropriate ones are then selected containing the synthetic gene of interest.


DNA Sequencing

All final genes are verified by DNA sequencing and only those with the correct sequences are selected. This ensures that the gene synthesized conforms to the specifications planned in the beginning of the project. Here, Sanger Sequencing is used due to its long read length short run time.



Further QC measures are applied and the gene is lyophilized into a microcentrifuge tube. The gene is now ready for downstream applications.

Gene on a chip

Through the introduction of next generation gene synthesis method – CHIP technology, pricing for gene synthesis is expected to be significantly reduced over the coming years. Therefore, it will be a great asset to have a partner who is capable of adjusting to this changing market.

BioBasic strives to stay competitive in the marketplace through strategic investment in new technologies such as the parallel on-chip gene synthesis technology.

Having BioBasic as your partner will enable you to continue to meet and exceed your expectations and needs, without the growing pressure and complications that may arise from switching partners in this ever-changing market.

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